Halitosis Smell


One of the most annoying things to deal with everyday is bad breath. This problem usually affects people with poor dental hygiene practices. If you don't do simple things like brush your teeth, floss in between your teeth, and scrape your tongue you are ten times more likely to experience bad breath than someone who does all these things regularly. However, some people still suffer from bad breath even when they take care of their dental hygiene.

Other things besides poor dental hygiene that can cause bad breath include:

  • An underlying condition like diabetes, liver disease, and even cancer can cause bad breath.
  • Dry mouth can cause bad breath because you don't have enough saliva to flush out the odor causing bacteria and keep your mouth odor free.
  • Eating foods like onions can lead to bad breath if you're not careful. This is why it's important to limit how often you eat foods with strong odors like onions.

Bad Breath Home Remedies

When it comes to treatments there are bad breath home remedies out there you can use to get some quick relief. One of these remedies for bad breath are herbs that help eliminate the bacteria responsible for the foul odor coming out your mouth. Some of the best herbs for bad breath include cloves, thyme, cinnamon, and fennel. For example, fennel seeds have a fresh smell to them and if you simply chew on them regularly you can keep your breath fresh for a longer period of time. For more herbs you can use to get rid of bad breath permanently go to http://finallygetridofbadbreath.com/.

Baking soda is another great home remedy for bad breath. Baking soda helps eliminate bad breath by making your mouth more alkaline. The opposite of alkaline is acidic and when your mouth is in an acidic state it makes it easier for the odor causing bacteria to build up. When you introduce baking soda into your mouth it makes your mouth more alkaline which creates an environment where the odor causing bacteria can't exist in. To use this remedy simply mix together a teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water and drink it. Do this remedy a couple times each day and you should begin noticing fresher breath.

Finally, you can use essential oils like tea tree oil to fight bad breath effectively. Another essential oil known to kill bad breath is myrrh oil due to its antibacterial properties. To use essential oils for bad breath simply add a few drops of the oil to some water and rinse your mouth out with it like a you would with a mouthwash.